Weld Up Steering Wheel Extension Kit

$30.99 - $123.99
Weld Up Steering Wheel Extension Kit

steering wheel extensions are the perfect solution to either move the steering wheel closer to the driver and/or to allow the driver more room when entering/exiting the car when using a steering wheel disconnect. The steering wheel extension installs between the steering wheel and the quick disconnect with fasteners using a standard 5 bolt pattern.

When installing on an existing car, determine whether or not the steering wheel is in the ideal location for driver comfort while seated and exiting the car. Trim the steering column the difference of where you want the final steering wheel location to be. Example: (Length of extension) - (Distance closer to driver) = (Amount to shorten steering column)

• Material: 4130 or Titanium
• Length: 8" or can be cut to fit
• Standard 5 bolt pattern
• NHRA and IHRA accepted

  • 4130
    100 available 100%
  • Titanium
    100 available 100%