(USED) 2-Way Adjustable Shock - El Diablo Series (Pair)

(USED) 2-Way Adjustable Shock - El Diablo Series (Pair)

The El Diablo Series by Menscer Motorsports 2-Way shock features true independent 2 way adjustment and extremely fast response time to improve traction and tire stability. The unique fluid circuit resists cavitation and lock-up to reduce unwanted ratcheting during mild to moderate tire shake. Features include user clock-able nitrogen canister and factory index-able eyelet that allows for fitment on virtually any coil over application. This series of shock is available in popular lengths and comes complete with coil over hardware and a detailed tuning guide.

Includes Springs


  • 6” Stroke / 12” Compressed 19” Exteneded
    Sold out
  • 7” Stroke / 13” Compressed 20” Extended
    1 available 100%