The Hopped Up Pump

The Hopped Up Pump

This pump replaces your existing pump. You must have boards under the front tires to get it a lift or give it a little help for the first 2 inches. Must have at least one 1/4 turn valve to close off the rear. Once you get the front 3/4 the way up open the rear valve. My pump will have a 3/8″ ntp female for you to hook up your existing hose fitting. Doesn’t come with batteries Will need M18 Milwaukee 9.0 ah battery. Does have a full adjustable down valve.

33 lbs empty
About 46 lbs full with batteries

Please allow for 2-5 business days to process orders!

Compatible with PROFAB Race Jacks.

Does Not Work with ProJack Brand Jacks.

  • 100 available 100%