Push-Button Master Switch - Large

Push-Button Master Switch - Large

This Push-Button Master Switch, also known as a Bumper Switch or Kill Switch, is an important safety device for disconnecting a vehicle’s main power source. The “Push-Off” design is ideal for emergency situations, allowing for an individual to quickly activate the switch, killing power.

The sealed design is ideal for outdoor use, meaning it can be mount on the exterior of the vehicle, and the robust construction is rated to handle over 25,000 activations. The switch is also weather and vibration resistant.

The Master Switch includes all necessary hardware. A 19mm hole is required for installation (3/4 may work in some applications). When assembled the body measures 2.6 in long with a 1.29 in radius. The red button features a 1.74 in radius.

Contacts Rated at 10amps at 24V or up to 20amp at 10-14V

Uses Screw Terminals for electrical connection

Temperature rated at -40C to 100C

The Master Switch features two internal switches, giving you two options for installation. Posts A and B are a normally closed switch. For those using the switch with our Solid-State Battery Disconnect, these are the two posts to use. Posts C and D are normally open switches. In order for the switch to work properly, you must have two wires on either the A/B and/or C/D. It is possible to install A/B and C/D at the same time if your application calls for it.

  • 10 available 100%