MVM Bars come complete and ready to bolt on! The dual 1-5/8" upper and lower carbon fiber wheelie bars are available in a 72", 82" or 84" length.

Engineering Products Ahead of the NEXT Curve! MVM uses heavy duty shank alloy rod ends, and even larger at the rear mounting point where high stress is at maximum loads. MVM wheels are also functional as they are directional in design with spokes that deflect high loads at the strike. Also included with the wheel are aluminum inserts that also help dissipate the heat.

MVM wheel housings are aero functional with air inlets that start in front of the wheel and exits around the center of the axles reducing heat build- up in the bearing. This housing design is especially important on turbo charged cars that tend to ride the bars down track when power is applied. At 200 mph the wheel is rotating at approximately 28,000 RPM generating high bearing temperatures almost immediately.

MVM offers an optional up-grade to ceramic wheel bearings that are rated @ 38,000 RPM and generates less heat and has less rolling resistance.

Each set is custom made for your housing. Dimensions should be included at time of purchase.

Dual MVM Wheelie Bar Set Includes:

-2 wheels with bearings

-4pc stainless pit pins

-2pc lightweight steel sheet metal housing upper strut mounts

-2pc aluminum alloy 7075 T-6 Rod ends, 1/2”hole X 5/8”-18

-2pc aluminum alloy 7075 T-6 Rod ends 3/8” hole X 5/8”-18

-2pc aluminum alloy 7075 T-6 Rod ends 1/2”hole X 3/4”-16

-Optional chromoly for the lower tube at rear end lower housing mount

  • 72"
    100 available 100%
  • 82"
    100 available 100%
  • 84"
    100 available 100%