MR Offset Steering Arms (Pair)

$349.99 - $379.99
MR Offset Steering Arms (Pair)

Fix the steering in your ProCharger ProMod with the Modern Racing Offset Steering Arms. These Billet 7075 Aluminum Offset Steering Arms have bump steer adjustment designed in, and correct the geometry of cars with lowered rack and pinons.


Billet 7075 Aluminum

Sold as Pairs

The design maintains material thickness throughout the shape, improving overall strength

Recessed holes allow shorter bolts and less torque deflection

Machined in the USA

Anodized black, producing a tough exterior coating

Bump steer adjustment designed in


We provide two options for arms based on your strut. The bump-steer adjustment/steering-arm drop designed into each arm is shown below. See the dropdown above to order yours.

Lamb Strut Offset Arms

.800in Steering-Arm Drop

Strange Strut Offset Arms

.375in Steering-Arm Drop
The installation of a CrankDriven supercharger requires the rack and pinion to be lowered. Spacing down the rod ends for bump steer adjustment, can cause excessive strain, damage, and possibly failure. Our ultra-strong Offset Steering Arms have bump steer adjustment designed in.

Modern Racing discovered this issue last year when building the Elite Motorsports ProCharger ProMod. The bump-steer adjustment required over 1 inch of spacing. The spacers strained the steering arms, causing a weak and potential failure point. The new Modern Racing Offset Steering Arms eliminate all of the issues with the previous setup.

The Offset Steering Arms are designed to maintain strength on a vital element of the car. This means less work for chassis builders and tuners looking for perfect bump steer and improved safety for the driver.

Sold as pairs and hardware is not included.

  • Lamb .800 Drop
    Sold out
  • Strange .375 Drop
    1 available 100%
  • Strange .750 Drop
    1 available 100%