Modular Burst Panel Chimney

Modular Burst Panel Chimney

Always at the forefront of burst panel technology, Tim McAmis Performance Parts has developed another unique deflector solution, this time for turbocharged and centrifugally supercharged combinations.

• Innovative modular design
• 5” Chimney to accommodate most hood heights
• Remarkable Hood Support Flange with adjustment up to 10 degrees
• Chimney Base Plate machined with unique relief area for burst panel to fully open without restriction
• Easily adapts to different combinations with single component replacement instead of entire unit.
• Complete with black anodizing and stainless steel fasteners
• Fits 6-1/8” x 3-1/8” SFI 23.1 Burst Panel (TMR-1027-BP)
• Made In USA

  • 1 available 100%