Harness & sensor options not included, see options below.
The evolution in O2-sensor conditioners. With a new design, the FuelTech NanoPRO is able to condition and read 5 different models of
wide band lambda O2 sensors:

● BOSCH LSU 4.2 (sensor, harness)
● BOSCH LSU 4.9 (harness)
● NTK lab grade sensor (sensor, harness & adapter)
● NTK wideband o2 sensor

It can also be used as a dashboard with the possibility of setting up to 5 different screens with information sent via FT CAN 2.0 network or even configuring buttons on the screen to activate various ECU functions (SwitchPanel function).

With a touch screen and easy visualization of information, it is a fundamental piece of equipment for monitoring the engine's AFR and a complementary gauge for your ECU or even a fully customizable switch panel.

The NanoPRO, when used in conjunction with a PowerFT VCU, also provides the “O2-sensor status”, which informs the user about the useful life of its sensor.

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