Extreme Pro Series Wishbone Kit, 1" Slide Tube

$324.49 - $911.49
Extreme Pro Series Wishbone Kit, 1" Slide Tube

Wishbones are the preferred way to mount and keep the rear end housing in the center of the car. Wishbones offer more strength and less flexibility than a diagonal link.

Our Extreme Pro Series Wishbone is the ultimate wishbone designed specifically to handle high horsepower cars such as Pro Modified and Pro Stock applications. This is the same kit used in all Pro cars built at Reese Brothers Race Cars.

This kit features a greasable 1" O.D. 4130 slide tube with machined wrench flats, 4130 tubing and 4130 rod ends with 1/8” wide x 3/8" I.D. step bushings for the front mount rod ends. Complete with NAS bolts, 12-point ARP nuts, and weld-on rear end housing and front chassis mounts. Max width 21-1/2”. Welding required.

  • 4130
    98 available 98%
  • Titanium
    100 available 100%